Transient. Navigating the Old world. A bond between what was and what could have been.
The lineage of our lives is defined by momentous events. Innate to our curious nature, we linger.
Caretakers. Materials pass through a myriad of hands across great distances.
HENSON aims to frame this inspirational quest. As agile observants, crafting singular pieces, born out of necessity.
Origins, they determine where we are from. Historic elements are gripped and harvested with intent. Embed.
This tactile approach is framed by our personal makers mark. A rational reminder embedded in each individual alteration.
Heirloom stones and reworked silver form the atelier’s primal foundation.
These are substances belonging to previous generations.
Through traditional artisan techniques and controlled experimentation they are propelled onto novel settings.
Wayfaring onwards, each reborn specimen beckons for interaction, transcending the weight of time.
Suspended in silence, bridging past and contemporary musings, impelling a new dawn.