De-construction incites novel creation. Use what is already here. Never look back without marveling at what surrounds us.
The foundation: salvaged silver, precious stones and gold merged with bone, cured wood, mammoth and leather. A proposition of authenticity.
Traditional techniques are merged with contemporary construction, in a controlled manner.
Roughness and rugged imperfections shape our sincere aesthetics.
We aim to imbed our process in each piece, as a silent reminder of the surveyed journey of our source materials.
 Hands are the true conductors of the atelier, materials pass through them and are diligently adjusted, set or moulded.
Such composed individual creation, allows for a truly organic process, that shapes each product individually.
Something that machines can never strive to replace.
We seek to reflect the true meaning of creation; to craft a product that need not explain its existence.
Singular, profound and expressive designs that speak without shouting.
Forged, wrought and shaped, each single piece is subjected to a highly intensive process.
Every phase takes hours of patient and diligent attention.
From the experimental treatments and meticulous polishes to hand-crafted chain links, to soldered connections, kiln casts and oxidisation forms, we carefully guide each individual process.
This makes the HENSON studio a place of kind experimentation fuelled by our profound love for the masterful craft that is jewellery creation.
 What once was, will be yet again. Tangents connect irrevocably.
A bridge; past and present collide wilfully at the benevolent hands of two inquisitive artisans.